About Stephanie

Originally from Mission Viejo, I went away to college at UC Davis and stayed up north for about 8 years, teaching elementary in Sac City district and at a couple private schools. Then, a few years ago my older brother and his wife called and said they were having their first child! I moved back to this area at the end of the school year and ultimately changed careers.

Far from a professional photographer, I got a DSLR to take with me on my travels to Liberia in 2013. I wanted to be able to take beautiful photographs while I was there so I took some online crash courses and started practicing. Ever since the trip, I have tried to keep up with photography practice but mostly use it with my family and at special events, camping trips, etc.

This site is mainly a space for me to share those photos that I’m proud of and view my progress on this learning journey. Hopefully we’ll see them improve over time, eh? :-p

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “About Stephanie

  1. Well I think you’re doing an incredible job of occupying space and filling it with with so much passion. Exposure allows others to see that you are not one dimensional and have a passion for discovering and sharing new things. I think you will be peeling and exposing many layers of who you are and what you represent for years to come. Keep your eyes and mind open to everything around you and share your findings and perspective with the world. Stay fierce, driven, and purpose bound!

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