About Cooper

I adopted Cooper from the local shelter on June 25, 2016. They pegged him as a Poodle Min Mix but I see a lot of Terrier qualities in him. I haven’t done a breed test or anything but based on characteristics and appearance, I think he may be a Jack Russell – Mini Poodle and he’s about three years old.

Cooper is a sweet heart, but seems like he has been mistreated in the past. He has some extreme fearful reactions when nothing has even happened (e.g. I take shoes out of the closet and he cowers away in a corner). It has been wonderful to see his personality start emerging over the last month, though. He’s grown attached to me pretty quickly, too, building trust and relaxing with me, just still weary around everyone else.

The first toy I got him was a little tug of war rubber rope. I tried showing him to play with it but he just had no clue what to do so left it alone. One day my sister’s Yorkie, Champ, came into my room and started playing with it. Cooper went under the bed and intently watched for several minutes, then as soon as Champ left it and walked out Coop ran out from under the bed and started playing with it. It was a little “Aha!” moment for him and now he’s got several toys and plays all the time. 🙂

It’s crazy how much having a dog can change your life. It’s only been a month and I love this little guy like my own child. Training is a work in progress – crate and house breaking were first, now we’re working on loose leash, basic obedience and relaxation (he’s very reactive and ‘on edge’ when outside on walks, barking at everyone). More to come, this is just the beginning of the Adventures of Cooper and Stephanie….